Meet Our Team

Alex Tonner


Alex adopted a baby pitbull in 2009. She named him "Ziggy" because his tail zig-zagged; it was bent out of shape as the result of the abuse and neglect he had endured in a backyard before being rescued.

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Jon Grobman


In 2005, I was sentenced to a total of 190 years-to-life for nonviolent theft crimes. As someone who is formerly incarcerated, Paws For Life provided an extraordinary path to my own transformation.

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Dr. Zoe Ramagnano

Medical Director

Dr. Zoe was born in Trinidad, Colorado and spent her childhood in New Mexico and Pennsylvania. She graduated from the Pennsylvania State University with a BS in Animal Bioscience and an honors degree in Veterinary Science in 2000. She received her VMD from the University of Pennsylvania in 2005.

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Victoria Crunkilton

Operations Coordinator

My entrance into the animal rescue world is a bit unconventional. As a former public accountant, I knew from early on in my career that I was destined for a different journey. I rescued my first fur baby in 2017, a bunny named Phoebe who quickly became the center of my whole world.

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Shari Summers

Program Support

After a 45-year career in corporate I am excited to be working at such an amazing place. Having the opportunity to work with and help these wonderful dogs find their forever home is priceless. As an added bonus, the people I work with are all helpful, friendly and truly love the dogs, they have already taught me so much!

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