Adopt A Kennel

Our Paws For Life Campaign

Photo of dog mascot for the Adopt a Kennel fundraising campaign

Help us raise $40,000 for Homeless Dogs by Adopting a Kennel Today!

The Adopt A Kennel Campaign is a tangible way to support Paws For Life K9 Rescue and all of the homeless animals that come through our doors. Honor a pet, advertise a business, celebrate a happy occasion, family member, or friend all while raising much needed funds!

When you join the Adopt A Kennel Campaign, a nameplate with your personal inscription will be created and adorn a dog kennel.

Plaques are displayed for one year. At the end of the year you will be notified so you can renew your plaque or take it home.

*All Full Plaque sponsors have a photo option included with inscription.

This gift is 100% tax deductible.


3" x 6"
24 Available
19 Adopted



4" x 8"
26 Available
10 Adopted
Photo included


4" x 8"
7 Available
15 Adopted
Photo included

Half Plaque

Half plaque

Full Plaque

Full plaque with photo
Why adopt a kennel
  • One of Paws For Life's main goals is to relieve Los Angeles City Shelters from overcrowding. Each week, our team brings home dogs that we care for, socialize, train, and get adopted. Their temporary home is here with us. Help us on our mission to save dogs.
  • Help offset the direct expenses for our dogs until they find their forever home: food in their bellies, medical supplies, spay or neuter, vaccinations, and cleaning supplies to prevent illness and disease.
  • Individuals and families can leave their footprint and enjoy making a difference together, or as an impactful way to carry on the memory of a loved one.
  • Provide housing for our dogs for an entire year.
  • Because you Save A Life when you Adopt A Kennel!