Pets Available For Adoption

Adopt Millie!


She is a very active and happy girl, so she would love a home that can take her for daily walks and play some ball with her.

Adopt Rango!


Hello, I’m Rango! I am a happy and energetic young guy looking for a place to call home.

Adopt Mikey!


I love to be active, so a home that will get me out for daily walks or hikes would be ideal.

Adopt Bertha!


If you are looking to add a sweet little puppy to your home, apply to adopt Bertha today!


Mouse is an affectionate girl that loves to meet new people.

Adopt Ellie!


Ellie is an active girl and would love a home that can take her on adventures in the great outdoors to help her burn some energy.

Adopt Gladis & Gilbert!


Hi there, I’m Gilbert! I am a spunky, playful little guy that loves to run around with my friends. When…

Adopt Gladis & Gilbert!


If you are looking for a lifetime full of love and fun, apply to adopt me and Gilbert today!

Adopt Jake!


I’m an energetic guy looking for an active, loving home!

Adopt Steve Austin!

Steve Austin

Steve Austin is friendly and wants to play with every human or canine, and harbors the notion that life is a game.

Adopt Michael!


I am very affectionate and enjoy time spent with my family. I am polite with other dogs, but I can sometimes be picky about my playmates.

Adopt Stevie!


Stevie is friendly with all people and takes no time to warm up to strangers.

Adopt Birdie!

Birdie - Adoption Pending

Birdie takes very little time to warm up to new people and love to be around my humans.

Adopt Tank!


This little meatball is full of love and is looking for his forever home! He loves all people he meets and will do anything to be pet.

Adopt Pizza!


A delicious name and a heart of gold, what else can you ask for??

Adopt Milo!


Milo would do anything for a good game of ball, but also enjoys spending time with his people and getting belly rubs.

Adopt Bombay Frankie!

Bombay Frankie

One word to describe Bombay Frankie: FUN!

Adopt Rumor!


I’m ready to love you for the rest of my life!

Adopt Ingrid!

Ingrid - Adoption Pending

I love to splash in the water and in the play yard you can see me making a beeline to the pool to cool off.

Adopt Wilma!

Wilma - Adoption Pending

Wilma is low to medium energy and loves to go for some walks and spend the rest of her time relaxing near her humans.