Pets Available For Adoption

Photo of Keaton


Did you know it’s been scientifically proven that watching a dog shake their nubbin of a tail can increase feelings of joy in humans? Ok we made that up – but we absolutely believe it to be true after hanging out with our sweet new guy, Keaton!

Photo of Matilda


With a white-tipped tail that’s always up and wagging like a beacon in the play yard, Matilda loves a chill hang out with her friends – big and small. Beware, however, as the puppy dog eyes are strong in this one, and in no time you will find yourself in love with her sweet face.

Photo of Lovely


If you love a big dog who thinks they are a lap dog, then look no further than Lovey! Weighing in at 87 lbs we can already tell that all 87 lbs of that is complete mush.

Photo of Jason


Don’t let his Mickey Mouse face mask make you think that Jason is not sophisticated…he will prove to you that he is with his very proper tippy toed runway walk. Now that his modeling career is over, however, he’s looking to strut his way right into your heart.

Photo of Connie


Connie thinks walks are the best things ever invented and is looking for a person who is ready to get their steps in! Equally, Connie loves to snuggle up in warm blankets for a good snooze.

Photo of Mr. Pickles


More of a roommate vs. a dog due to sheer size, Mr. Pickles would love to be your new hiking and adventure buddy. He would prefer to have a home where he has a confident dog friend to show him the ropes, and he’d prefer a home with no kids.

Photo of Clarissa


Clarissa is described by her foster home as “totally lovely and playful,” she is super friendly with people and dogs alike. She loves a mellow play session with a dog friend or a nice walk in the neighborhood.

Photo of Timothy


Timothy is a big ball of white cotton candy with the sweet personality to match, Timothy is friendly to everyone he meets – dogs and humans both!

Photo of Willow


Willow is 9 years young but believes that age is just a number, so don’t expect that to slow her down! Willow loves to meet new people and will quickly make your heart sing – she loves affection and getting/receiving love.

Photo of Carl


Carl is a silly guy that loves to bring a smile to all the new faces he gets to meet, so don’t be surprised if you’re grinning from ear to ear when you meet him!


Loki is a happy and wiggly little guy that loves to meet new people. He’s a social and sweet guy that takes very little time to warm up to new people and will have you wrapped around his adorable paw in no time!

Photo of Chulita


Chulita is a bit wary of new people, so she would love a family that is ready to take it at her pace and teach her that the world is not as scary as it may seem. Once she trusts you, she is a sweet girl that will melt your heart.

Photo of Fern


Fern is a friend of all, both human and canine alike. She is friendly when she meets new people and also loves to meet other dogs while out and about on walks.

Photo of Costner, ready for adoptions


Costner caught our eye when we were visiting the South LA Shelter for daily playgroups – he was such a social guy and played so well with the other dogs that we knew we had to take him!

Photo of Wilson - ready for adoption!


Wilson loves to meet new people and won’t take much time before he’s your best friend. He is currently hanging out at our People and Pet Innovation Center and loves to spend his days out in the play yards with his doggie friends.

Photo of Hustler - ready for adoption!


Hustler loves meeting new people and spending his days romping around the play yard with his canine friends. Whether it’s a home with another playful canine sibling, or a home where he can be the center of attention, Hustler will be happy!

Photo of Charlie


Charile loves to spend time in the great outdoors and would make a wonderful jogging or hiking buddy! He’s just a puppy, so he would love a home that is ready for the puppy energy and is dedicated to training to him become the best dog he can be!

Photo of Zucco


Zucco loves people and will do just about anything for affection and attention! Zucco loves the active life and is ready for a home that will let him join on their daily adventures.

Photo of Fomo


Fomo would love to be your best friend, go on walks and hikes and, most of all, get lots of love and attention.

Photo of Elton


Elton is a rockstar in the play yard, great with dogs of all sizes and LOVES people. He is a young, fun, happy boy and can’t wait to be in a loving home.

Photo of Ryan


Ryan is friendly and wiggly once you get to know her, but can be a bit shy when she first meets you. She loves to go for walks and is happy spending time at home playing with toys and relaxing.

Photo of Adeline


Adeline is friendly with new people and will take very little time before she’s your new best friend. She loves to go for walks and is happy spending time at home relaxing with her family.

Adopt Stitch!


Stitch is slow to open up and trust new people, so he is looking for a patient and loving family that is ready to take it slow with him…

Photo of Izzy


This sweet and social gal LOVES meeting new people and will melt even the coldest of hearts. She believes age is just a number and doesn’t let it slow her down – she loves to romp around the play yard and take walks with you.

Adopt Zena!


Zena loves to see the great outdoors and join you on your daily adventures, but she’d be happy with a few short walks a day around the neighborhood followed up by a good snooze at home!

LA Animal Services Mobile Adoption – Adoptable Dogs

Paws For Life has partnered with LA Animal Services (LAAS) and offers off-site mobile adoption program, through the city to help reduce the shelter population in 6 of our local shelters.

This partnership allows Paws For Life to house a variety of available dogs from LAAS at our People and Pet Innovation Center . All dogs will work with our trainers, participate in playgroups, and receive enrichment while awaiting their forever homes.

All LAAS dogs housed at the center will go through the city adoption process. Paws For Life K9 Rescue helps by facilitating the meet and greet, allowing potential adopters to bring their own animals to meet adoptable dogs, and facilitating/processing the adoption.

If you are interested in meeting one of these available dogs...Please reach out via email at to schedule a meet and greet.

All dogs are eligible for free training at our People and Pet Innovation Center!

Photo of Betty


Betty is an expert at romping and throwing play bows and will try to get any dog to play with her. She’s looking for an active home where she can work on getting her steps in, as her 2023 resolution is to trim down and be fit.

Photo of Kobe


Kobe is a fun loving guy who is a rockstar in our playgroups. While he loves to party with his friends, he also loves a solid butt scratch and will give you kisses in return.

Photo of Pancho


Pancho is friendly with everyone he meets and doesn’t care much to be the life of the party – instead he’d like to snuggle up with a good book and hot cocoa.