A Dream Come True!

It has been one of our dreams and a major focus to be able to find a facility where we could HELP THE PUBLIC keep their dogs in the home. Where we could offer training, and play groups for both community dogs and shelter dogs.


We will be sharing space at the Best Friends Lifesaving Center in Mission Hills! We have already begun construction to build out the play yards and set up our Training Center! We are thrilled to have our guys working daily to get this facility up and running! We will be offering free training to the public and to shelter volunteers and staff! Stay tuned for 'after'!

People and Pet Innovation Center Video

you can contribute by donating!

The People & Pet Innovation Center (PPIC) is scheduled to open at the end of the month.
Please consider sponsoring an item and help us as we embark on this new endeavor of extending our reach, saving lives on every level.


(up to $100,000)

Astroturf $87,000- ($50K fulfilled)
√ Electrical √ $75,000 fulfilledFunded by Jackie & Rich Hollander
Shade Covers $45,000
Reception Office $43,000
Fence $41,000
Decompression Room $30,000 ($12k fulfilled by the Stratton family; $3K funded by The Lugash Family)
Training Yard $25,000
√ Office Space √ $25,000 fulfilled Funded by Jackie & Rich Hollander
Security Cameras & Lighting $15,000
Computerized Street Sign $12,000
√ Soft Water Misting System √ $12,000 fulfilled
Painting $8,000
√ Bleachers √ $7,000 fulfilled Funded by Jackie & Rich Hollander
Outdoor Kitchen $6,000
√ Patio Furniture: sofas, chairs & tables √ $5,000 fulfilled Funded by Russel & Bella Steingold
√ Patio Furniture: 1- 12” foot table & 12 chairs- for ‘family’ meals and discussions √ $2,500 fulfilledFunded by Russel & Bella Steingold
√ Training Supplies: Pet Correctors, Poop Bags & Holders, Treats, Training Belts √ $2,000 fulfilled
Large Fan $2,000
Kennels (7) $2,000 each (2 of 7 fulfilled by the Helmer Family; Danielle Doscher & Jon Mefford)
√ Bathing Station √ $1,500 fulfilled Funded by Jackie & Rich Hollander
√ Slip Leashes (100) √ $1,000 fulfilled Funded by Danielle Doscher & Jon Mefford
Freezer Chest $800
Plants $750
Lighting $550
Outdoor Fridge √ $500 Fulfilled Funded by Omnicap Group, LLP
√ White Board Walls for the Office √ $500 Fulfilled Funded by Omnicap Group, LLP
Computers (4) $400 each
Bone-Shaped Dog Pool (6) $350 each
Basket Muzzles $300
Enrichment Toys $300 total
Printer $200
Dog Bowls (50) $200 total
Outdoor Sink $200
√ Spray Bottles √ $100 Funded
Hoses (6) $75 each

We remain grateful to our community, donors, and stakeholders for their ongoing support.
*A donation of any size will directly fund the PPIC and is 100% tax deductible.
**A donor appreciation wall of donations $2,500+ will be displayed with prominent recognition for gifts of $25K+.