NEW! Paws For Life has joined forces with LA Animal Services (LAAS) to offer an off-site mobile adoption program to help reduce the shelter population in local shelters. Click here to see the dogs!.

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Paws For Life K9 First Responders program
Paws For Live Volunteer program


We're located in the backyard of
15321 Brand Blvd
Mission Hills, CA 91345
San Fernando Valley


A Dream Come True!

It has been one of our dreams and a major focus to be able to find a facility where we could HELP THE PUBLIC keep their dogs in the home. Where we could offer training, and play groups for both community dogs and shelter dogs.


Free Classes Available!

  • One-on-one Training
  • Recall (The "come" command)
  • Place Training (Bed)
  • Puppy Class
  • Loose Leash Walking Group
  • Basic Obedience Group Class

you can contribute by donating!

Donations to the People and Pet Innovation Center will go toward the construction and maintenance of the Center.

PFL First Responders Program

Paws For Life K9 Rescue's newest program is our First Responder Program, training Therapy Dogs. Combined with the dog's innate abilities to provide comfort with a stringent training schedule to learn 25 commands. This training process ensures the dog can be safely taken to any scene and provide comfort, consolation, and support regardless of environmental changes.

Firefighters often work and live as a group for multiple days. But at the end of the day, when exhaustion is so prevalent, our therapy dogs are a welcome visitor back at the station!

Support 10,000 Tails

When you support our work with an automatic, monthly donation, you are giving hope to the animals, 365 days a year. Your recurring commitment saves lives!

This Week's Featured Dogs

Adopt one of these pets this week and give them the best gift of their lives: a forever, loving home!


Prison Program

Paws For Life K9 Prison Program

Dogs save prisoners and prisoners save dogs by training shelter dogs and increase their chances at adoption. 

Fire House Program

Fire House program for dogs

Paws For Life K9 First Responders Program – training therapy dogs to work with heroes!

Spay & Neuter Program

Maui's Spay and Neuter Program

Animal over population is the cause of so many homeless animals and we believe in the importance of spaying and neutering, offering help to those who cannot afford it.

Adoption Program

Paws For Life K9 dog adoption program

Ready to open your heart and home to one of our PFL dogs? Take a look at our adoptable furry friends!

Foster Program

Paws For Life K9 dog foster program

Fostering takes a very special person willing to help a dog during the transition phase from the streets or the shelters into a home.

Junior Advisory Council

Junior Advisory Council member, Sydney

Raising awareness about adopting rescue dogs, spreading knowledge about spay/neuter as well as raising funds for the Paws For Life dogs.

Grand Paws For Life

Grand Paws For Life Senior Dog Rescue and Adoptions

Grand Paws for Life aims to, within the year, save a minimum of 35 at-risk senior dogs ranging in age from 10-14 years.

Shelter Paws For Life

Shelter Paws For Life dog adoption program

Creating long-term adoptions for life. Our Shelter Paws for Life program is FREE!