Tin and Princess
Tin and Princess


Occupation: PTSD Trainer

location: LAC

For nearly twenty years, I have drifted and weathered the cold dark storm of prison life. Above me, are the walls of prison politics, racial segregation, gangs and drugs that pull, tug and blow me in one direction to the next, helpless against their whims. Beneath me, is the dark abyss with the screams and cries of those individuals who succumbed to the madness of the storm. At times, the darkness is calm, and I just aimlessly drift, listless as time asses me by with no purpose, no life and no love. So, what does Paws for Life (PFL) mean to me? PFL is the LIGHTHOUSE that guides me to a safe shore from the madness and darkness of prison, and it continues to be a BEACON OF LIGHT that gives hope to prisoners.

Paws Up!