Get to Know Peaches

Gender Age Weight Personality Training
Female 1 year 60 lbs. Shy, beautiful and active In Training

Sensitive, thoughtful, shy, and sweet as can be, Peaches is one of the most beautiful babes you’ll ever encounter. Peaches is looking for a very patient family with no kids, who will understand her shyness and give her time to settle and come out of her shell, but let us tell you, once she knows you she will be loyal to you forever! A gorgeous fawn color, her coat and her peepers are almost the exact same hue, so she’ll complement basically any and all outfits and interiors (certainly not an important aspect of decision-making when bringing a dog into your life, but an added and awesome bonus!).

Peaches is currently at the Lancaster State Prison being trained by our fantastic PFL guys! Adopt Peaches!

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