Get to Know Mabel

Gender Age Weight Personality Training
Female 10 months 30 lbs. Timid, sweet, loves other dogs In Training

Just a petite little lady who often sits and observes her surroundings with a contemplative expression, Mabel is bashful and reserved when it comes to people, but is all hands (er, paws) on deck when it comes to loving her fellow four-leggeds! While a bit wary of humans (she’s working on it with our trainers and becoming notably less and less timid with every day), she comes to life in the less-populated play groups, romping and running with joy, engaging the other pups with elation and zeal! Mabel is a beautiful girl who’ll make her person/family feel extra special, knowing they’re the ones she’s chosen to love and bond with forever. Fun fact: Mabel is pretty much besties with County!

Mabel is currently in our training program at the Lancaster State Prison, thriving and gaining more confidence and happiness! Adopt Mable!

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