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We are launching our first ever Lights of Love that will run through the end of the year. Donate in memory or in honor of a pet or someone in your life, and a personalized ornament will hang on our Holiday Hedge at the People and Pet Innovation Center in Mission Hills.

Join us this End of Year to transform lives, one paw at a time.

In Memory

Holiday ornament for Cookie Monster

In Honor

Holiday ornament honoring Picasso
Dog bone


Snacks & Meals for 1 Dog

Dog toy


Dog Enrichment Toys


Basic Medical Care For 1 Dog

Why Lights of Love?

Cookie Monster

Meet Cookie Monster. After a year in a shelter, he found love at Paws For Life. At 14 years old, he received the care he deserved, living out his final days adored by one of our team members.

His story is just one.

Meet Picasso, the star of our recent social media story. Since his arrival in September, his journey has captivated us. Due to his condition, specialists were consulted to assess if medical intervention was necessary. Under Dr. Zoe's expert care, Picasso thrived, showcasing his resilience. It turns out his condition is congenital, but he's perfect just the way he is. In a heartwarming twist, Picasso has found his forever home—adopted by Dr. Zoe and her family.

His story is just one.


In 2023, we saved more than 620 dogs like Cookie Monster and Picasso, deserving of love and attention. Our work doesn't stop there. We offer incarcerated men at Lancaster State Prison and Vacaville Prison along with youth at Barry J. Nidorf Detention Facility second chances through our dog training programs.

Our first ornaments go to Cookie Monster and Picasso.

Ready to make a change in the life of the next dog?


This year, you can be their hope. Your support transforms lives.

At Paws For Life, we're more than a nonprofit - we're a community united by a passion for second chances.

Let's honor dogs like Cookie Monster and Picasso.

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