Maui's Mission Spay & Neuter Program

Maui was a sweet 11-year-old American Akita. She was a big sister to 2 pit bulls and a mother figure to 2 doggies: Kona and Zuma. But most importantly, she was an angel to her family.

Maui was a protector. She took care of her humans and her younger furry friends, she learned how to dig sand at the beach, but refused to learn when to stop in her mom's garden. She was a singer too: she would join the birthday celebrations and Hanukkah singing along with everyone in the family.

Maui was a patient, caring girl and she will be missed dearly by everyone that met her. To honor her life and to always remember her, Maui's family wants to make a difference in other lives.

Through "Maui’s Mission," we will be able to fight animal overpopulation by providing free spay and neuter services to dogs over 40 pounds whose owners are not able to afford the surgery.

Maui changed the lives of the ones around her, and she will keep doing so through her mission. She will save lives and continue to do what she knew best: protect those close to her.

Why Spaying & Neutering Is So Important


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