Get to Know Woody

Gender Age Weight Personality Training
Male 2 years 75 lbs. Playful, energetic, loving In Training

This is the sweetest most beautiful big boy you’ll ever meet. Weighing in at 75 pounds, he is a full meatball chocolate lab. He LOVES people and wants to be your best friend. Wants to play with you and learn new tricks.

He likely learned for the first few years of his life that other dogs weren’t to be trusted so he is quite assertive and vocal when he encounters another dog. Because he’s stubborn , smart & strong, he needs an assertive leader – otherwise he will make his own rules.

We hope eventually he will grow to play with other dogs but he will ideally be a pet in a home with a yard to really run in & not much interaction with other dogs. (i.e. no dog parks or busy dog neighborhoods) He loves toys, Kongs, sticks & belly rubs forever.

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