Get to Know Wasco

Gender Age Weight Personality Training
Male 1 month 4.0 lbs. Playful, curious and sweet In Training

Wasco is here! This baby boy is so ready to learn new things, meet new people and explore uncharted places!

Wasco turned 6 weeks old around August 6th, 2019 along with his siblings. He will be a large sized dog. Puppies are cute but need a lot of work! From housebreaking, training and socialization to raise a well-rounded, mannered, behaved dog.
As a puppy, he still chews and bites but it is a normal behavior when he is this age. He enjoys playing with his siblings, napping and exploring.

If you’re ready for all of the good and naughty things that come with puppy breath sweetness, submit an adoption application!

Puppies will be placed in their forever homes after they turned 10 weeks old. We require all puppies to sign up for puppy training classes by 6 months old.

Our puppy adoption fee is $350.00