Get to Know Stanley

Gender Age Weight Personality Training
Male 2 years 58 lbs. Playful, very active, curious In Training

Stanley is an adorable goofball who thinks humans are the best creation on earth. Ever. He can be a bit male assertive in play groups and likes to slow down the fun when it ramps up (read: a bubble burster in the play yard at times) , so he’s got a teensy bit of a macho attitude going on, but that doesn’t detract from his irrefutable good looks and relentless goofiness with his people. His trainers say he’s got an outstanding, potentially award-winning snorty sound he makes when he’s particularly joyful. If there isn’t an award of this kind already in existence, can we make one? And then present it to Stanley alongside a platter of raw filet mignon, chicken jerky, and steamed broccoli?

Stanley is currently in our training program at the Lancaster State Prison and is pumped to meet you! Adopt Stanley!

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