Get to Know Sasha

Gender Age Weight Personality Training
Female 5 years 53 lbs. Sweet, loyal, affectionate In Training

Hi there, I’m Sasha and I love to smile all day long! I’m a happy-go-lucky girl that is ready for whatever life has to throw at us. If you want to get out and play or go for an adventure, just hook up my leash and I’m right there with you! If you are still on that work-from-home grind and just want a little company while you work, look no further – just pull my bed up next to your desk! I’m a dog social gal, so a home with or without a canine sibling would work just fine for me! I am currently training in the Paws For Life Prison program where I am brushing up on my basic commands, loose leash walking skills and crate training. If you are looking for an all around friendly and amazing pup, apply to adopt me today!