Roux (roo)

Get to Know Roux (roo)

Gender Age Weight Personality Training
Male 6 years 58 lbs. Loving, Silly, Curious In Training

Meet Roux (pronounced Roo). He is the perfect age of 6yrs young and petite at 58lbs. When you meet him you are instantly in love with his sweet face, likely due to his large overbite – or tiny chin. He likes to be close at all times, and will even give you a nudge for a pet or just simply sit in front of you so he can stare at you lovingly. If you ignore him, he will be content with sitting or lying in proximity to you. This boy is medium energy. Inside the house, Roux loves to relax and when outside he is curious and loves to sniff around. He is dog social with calm dogs matching his energy level. He is currently in training with our guys in our Prison Training Program, brushing up on his crate training and house training. If you’re looking for a chill best friend, Roux is your boy!