Princess Juneberry - ADOPTED!

Get to Know Princess Juneberry - ADOPTED!

Gender Age Weight Personality Training
Female 8 years 68 lbs. Sweetheart, cuddly, chill In Training

Princess Juneberry #A1917496

She is very curious and friendly towards strangers!
Low to medium energy. Although she is a slow walker, she is very active when she sees squirrels or anything that moves fast and is small.
She doesn’t seem reactive to dogs unless they bark at her or if they are small dogs, then she gets frazzled a little and might quickly run away or try to lunge for it.
Juneberry is very affectionate and a little needy and loves attention. Her foster finds it is best to take her for a walk so she tires out then she will be less co-dependent (especially if you are working from home), she cannot go on really long walks or hikes because she has arthritis.
She does not know any commands but she is house trained and is pretty good on leash, but does take her time! Working on crate training but she is not really into it so she will need time because she does not listen to commands yet.
She is the calmest chilling outdoors and she will want to be close to you if you are home. She will follow you everywhere. And if you want to do any yoga, she will be all over you!

Princess Juneberry is spayed, microchipped, up to date with vaccinations and will come with 6 weeks of FREE training through our prison program when adopted.