Prince Winston - ADOPTED!

Get to Know Prince Winston - ADOPTED!

Gender Age Weight Personality Training
Male 10 years 15 lbs. Relaxed, sweet, affectionate In Training

Prince Winston #A1781162

This little boy is a socialite. He will happily meet and introduce himself to anyone and anything at anytime. He is a very relaxed little senior boy. Low energy requirements.
Prince is a perfect with all 6 of our dogs. We would imagine with his temperament, he would care less about cats or any other animals. Perfectly civilized!
He is very affectionate, prefers to always be with a human, will follow you with his eyes everywhere you go. Happiest next to a human 100% of his time.
House trained perfectly. Zero mistakes.
This little boy requires very little effort. He would thrive in a home where the human is with him constantly, on the sofa, in bed, at their feet… He is truly like a cuddly little teddy bear. He would also require someone who could continue managing his tracheal cough – which occurs only upon waking up and upon exertion.

Prince Winston is neutered, microchipped, up to date with vaccinations and will come with an optional 6 weeks of FREE training through our prison program when adopted.