Get to Know Pilot

Gender Age Weight Personality Training
Male 3 years 113 lbs. Sweet, cuddly, calm In Training

Weighing in at a substantial 113 pounds, Pilot is a big, beautiful boy whose actual size belies his incredible sweetness and truest desires to just be a lap dog. His go-to move is to push his enormous head underneath your arm to say “HI! I’M HERE. GIVE ME PETS AND LOVE, PLEASE.” Naturally, we oblige. And you’ll want to, too.

In the play yard, Pilot is one of our gentle and dainty dogs, uninterested in drama or contention, happy to steer clear of it altogether and stroll away from rough play or any kind of provocation. Once he gets to know you and trusts you (those aforementioned head pets will get you there pretty quickly!), Pilot is your best bud, your steadfast companion, your dependable, loving confidant and family member. Currently in training with our guys at the Lancaster State Prison, he’s being crate-trained, potty-trained, leash-trained and more – all the bells and whistles of our PFL program. Adopt Pilot!

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