Get to Know Pancho

Gender Age Weight Personality Training
Male 10 years 74 lbs. Easy-going, friendly, happy In Training

Sometimes we all just want a relaxing day lounging around without a care in the world – and that’s Poncho’s dream life! He’s friendly with everyone he meets and doesn’t care much to be the life of the party – instead he’d like to snuggle up with a good book and hot cocoa. He’s older and wiser at 10 years old and has learned how to appreciate the good things in life like naps, sunbeams, and people watching. Poncho is polite around other dogs but would prefer to be your one and only. He thinks the phrase “can’t teach an old dog new tricks” is hogwash and he intends to prove that saying wrong as he is eligible for 6 weeks of training in our Prison Training Program. If you think your life might be missing a distinguished gentleman, apply to adopt Poncho today!

Pancho is available through LA Animal Services and is staying at our People and Pet Innovation Center (in Mission Hills, CA) while waiting for a forever home. If you are interested in meeting Pancho, please come visit during our open adoption hours Saturdays from 12-3pm or Contact us to schedule an appointment!