Get to Know Moo - ADOPTED!

Gender Age Weight Personality Training
Male 3 years 64 lbs. Active, fun, friendly In Training

He’s looking to be someone’s sweet COMPANION
Wants a buddy to throw him balls, snuggle up alongside/behind/on top of on the sofa and run around the parks and streets of your local neighborhood!
He’s very friendly with the few strangers he’s met so far being a socially distanced dog – pet store owner, pool man, delivery guy etc! Very friendly and curious straight away and keen for a pat on the head immediately!
Medium energy around the home – wants his ball thrown but also takes himself off to snooze on the sofa or bed
High energy on walks, pulls a bit on the lead and is keen to sniff/mark everything as he gets to know his new patch. Could definitely learn some more manners walking on leash!!
He is keen to meet other dogs when on walks and will pull towards them but always friendly – not seen him with cats
Affectionate and will follow me around but I suspect that will subside when he is in a forever home and knows he’s going nowhere!
He’s house trained, not so keen on the crate and very selective with basic commands so needs a refresher on everything!! He knows sit when a treat is coming otherwise is a very selective listener.
I think he would do well in a busy family home where he will get lots of love and attention or someone looking for a companion and can put in the time to train and work with this smart hound to bring out the best in him!

Moo is neutered, microchipped, up to date with vaccinations and will come with 6 weeks of FREE training through our prison program when adopted.