Get to Know Milkshake

Gender Age Weight Personality Training
Male 2 years 70.6 lbs. Sweet, cuddly, active In Training

You know that new guy in your office who seems aloof, reserved, maybe even a bit apprehensive and he’s cute as heck and when you see him interacting with the UPS guy or the water delivery guy, he smiles and seems so incredibly kind and adorable and you just KNOW that reticence is a façade and behind it is an amazing entity you need to be around?

Yeah, that’s Milkshake.

A shy guy, our darling Milkshake is enchantingly bashful but once he warms up to you, he is ALL IN. And we mean ALL – giant block head resting in your hand, rolling onto his back for scritches and scratches, adoring every moment of affection. Everyone loves him. As they should! He’s currently in training with our guys at the Lancaster Prison, being crate-trained, potty-trained, leash-trained and more. Adopt Milkshake!

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