Get to Know Meatball

Gender Age Weight Personality Training
Male 2 years 45 lbs. Goofy, couch potato, curious In Training

Our cutie-patoots brindle low rider is pure, unadulterated joy in a 45-lb wiggling bod. Just a young lad at two years old, Meatball’s elation with everything life has to offer knows no bounds. One of our volunteer’s sings “Baby Shark doo doo doo doo doo” to him in honor of Meatball’s hilariously goofy expressions when he gets especially amped and excited – it’s life-affirming, this kind of endless glee, and an inspiring attitude to be around. If Meatball could hashtag his own IG posts, it’s safe to assume he’d include #attitudeofgratitude and #blessed and #positivevibes.

While he has a bit of a stiff right leg (we affectionately call it a “wonko leggo” and our amazing vet is currently on the case as to its origin), it doesn’t slow him down or dampen his enthusiasm for neighborhood walks, endless kisses, delicious snacks, meeting new people and dogs, taking trips in the car, and proudly showing everyone in his proximity his hilariously oversized tongue. Adopt Meatball!

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