Marmalade - ADOPTED!

Get to Know Marmalade - ADOPTED!

Gender Age Weight Personality Training
Female 2 years 40 lbs. Curious, friendly, loving In Training

She is friendly meeting human strangers. She will give them a quick sniff and say hello. She is very curious with new people, does not bark at them.
Low – she is a very chill dog. Snuggles up to you and follows you around the house to see what you’re doing. When interacting with toys or other dogs outside, she gets really excited and is medium/high energy.
She is great with other dogs! Never barks when she sees them, gives them a sniff / kisses. She is good with both big and small dogs. She ignores birds, squirrels, etc.
She is so affectionate! Not needy, but she certainly loves attention and affection. She is a big cuddle bug!
She is house trained, with 1-2 accidents (pee) in the house. Both were on her first & second day here, so I think she was just confused/adjusting. Since then, all bathroom stops have been outdoors. She is regular, poops once a day and pees a few times (maybe 4). She is leash trained but will sniff everything on her walk (she is very curious) so you have to keep her going, but she does not pull the leash.
Crate trained – she sleeps in her crate at night, but doesn’t like it. She would rather snuggle up in eyesight of a human. She goes in her crate during the day when we step out. It takes her a minute to get her into the crate, but once she’s in she’s fine. Basic commands – will sit with a treat! All others need a little work.
She would be great with a family and/or kids. She would be amazing with a family who already has a dog. She would thrive with a dog companion.

Marmalade is spayed, microchipped, up to date with vaccinations and will come with 6 weeks of FREE training through our prison program when adopted.