Kennedy (& Deuce) Bonded Pair

Get to Know Kennedy (& Deuce) Bonded Pair

Gender Age Weight Personality Training
Female 9 years 90 lbs. Amazing, independent, lovely In Training

Have you ever seen a sweeter duo than Kennedy and Deuce here? We didn’t think so! These two gentle giants are bonded and looking for a forever home that is ready to welcome the both of them together, and who wouldn’t want that! Kennedy can take some time to warm up when you first meet her, but once she knows she can trust you she’s got all the love in the world to give. She’s 9 years young and loves to spend her time doing the finer things in life, like playing with a ball and relaxing with her family. Her brother Deuce is the yin to her yang, with a playful side. He enjoys getting outside for daily walks and hikes and will gladly join his family on whatever outings they have planned! If this dynamic duo sounds like the perfect addition to your family, apply to adopt them today!