Get to Know Kathleen

Gender Age Weight Personality Training
Female 2 years 53.2 lbs. Sweet, cuddly, active In Training

Momma dog of the nine-pack of puppies, Kathleen is an angel! Barely two years old – she is practically a puppy herself. We’re stoked to be able to save the entire family of 11 – Dad, Momma, and nine romping, rolling, squirming, squeaking, adorable babies! Yeah, that’s right, Kathleen gave birth to a pack of La Croix (plus one for good measure). It’s time this gorgeous, friendly, happy girl is able to enjoy life and start focusing on some seriously good self-care now that her entire family is safe and loved. We’re talking collagen facials, shiatsu massage, and lots of healthy journaling, Kathleen. Oh, and a forever family, too! Let’s make that happen! She’s currently in training with our PFL trainers at Lancaster State Prison. Adopt Kathleen!

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