Hash & Larry (Bonded Pair)

Get to Know Hash & Larry (Bonded Pair)

Gender Age Weight Personality Training
Male 10 years 75 lbs. Timid, sweet, loving In Training

Pleased to meet you, I am Hash! I am a distinguished gentleman that enjoys living life in the slow lane and would be more than happy to spend my days napping at your feet and spending some quality time with my family. I am a sweet and independent guy, so if you need to run some errands I am more than happy to rest at home while I wait for you to get back.


My brother Larry and I are bonded, so we are looking for a special family that’s ready to welcome us both into your life! We are two peas in a pod though; we love to be in each others’ company and you will barely even know that there is two of us! I am currently brushing up on my crate training and basic commands in the Prison Training Program while our friends find us the perfect forever home. If you are looking for the perfect package deal, apply to adopt me and my brother Larry today!