Get to Know Ethel

Gender Age Weight Personality Training
Female 6 years 56 lbs. Couch potato, relaxed, cuddly In Training

Who loves a stocky pitty hippo? Especially one named Ethel who grins basically all of her waking hours and even at times while she’s sleeping because she’s simply the most blissed out, darling hippo in town? Speaking of sleeping, Ethel is an award-winning slumberer, and by award-winning we mean she’s awarded for her fabulous napping and chillaxing capabilities with dog-appropriate snick snacks and the occasional piece of chicken or cheese. Ethel loves her dog friends, her human friends, and riding in the back of the car, watching the world zoom by. Currently in training with our guys at the Lancaster Prison, she’s being crate-trained, potty-trained, leash-trained and more. Adopt Ethel!

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