Get to Know Elsa

Gender Age Weight Personality Training
Female 6 years 86 lbs. Sweet, active, smart In Training

She’s that girl EVERYONE wants to be in high school. If you can’t BE her, you just want to be near her. Elsa’s effortlessly gorgeous, kind and smart. She’s super funny, always up for something madcap. The perfect balance of mischief and wisdom, she gets along with everybody (seriously, Elsa was one of our Dogs Playing for Life superstars and became an integral “helper dog” in play groups!). Maybe you two go for a long run on the cross-country trails or a meandering stroll by the sea, eating dairy-free ice cream and sharing your hopes and dreams because she totally GETS you and doesn’t judge, like, ever.

Elsa was definitely voted “Most Popular” and “Most Likely to Change the World,” and, of course, Prom Queen, winning by a landslide.  Adopt Elsa!

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