Get to Know Eliza

Gender Age Weight Personality Training
Female 2 years 55 lbs. Sweet, active, playful In Training

If Eliza were human, she’d no doubt be a triathlon athlete with all the Lulu Lemon garb and several pairs of Nikes and a Peloton parked in her dining room. Fitness first, y’all! She is a hearty, muscly brindle girl and LOVES being active. She’ll hike and run and can go for miles, as she’s a young gal at only 2.5 years old. Eliza would make a fabulous family member (kids over 6 years of age only, please! Toddlers toddling is not her thang) and she is a stunning beauty, to boot! Currently in training with our inmate trainers at Lancaster State Prison, she’s learning how to be even more wonderful. According to her trainers, she loves to play fetch with her ball, adores “chase” play in the play group yard, and really digs her crate for relaxation and down time. Adopt Eliza!

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