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Get to Know Duchess

Gender Age Weight Personality Training
Female 3 years 65 lbs. Sweet, lovable and active Professionally Trained

Our favorite spotted beauty can rock a string of pink pearls with a rhinestone clasp AND expertly tackle the Bronson Canyon Trail by your side – who doesn’t want a BFF who’s so multi-faceted and well-rounded? Duchess is truly one of the prettiest bulldog mixes we’ve ever seen (her perpetual “smoky eye” is laudatory) and she absolutely adores her person, as well as playing with dogs her own size. She’s leash-trained, potty-trained, and crate-trained and she has been professionally trained and has mad skills. That said, as with any and all larger-breed pups, it’s strongly recommended she’s in a home with consistency, discipline, patience, and exercise.

Our sweet Duchess will give your consistency and devotion back to you tenfold in love, licks, adoration, and full-body wiggles.

Adopt Duchess!

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