Bombay Frankie

Get to Know Bombay Frankie

Gender Age Weight Personality Training
Male 5 years 70 lbs. Friendly, goofy, fun In Training

Bombay Frankie here is the whole package! Spending a day relaxing at home and binge-watching TV? Bombay Frankie is right there with you! Want to get outside for an adventure? He’s down for that too! He is a dog that is just happy being with his family. Bombay Frankie loves new people and will likely greet you with a slobbery kiss to introduce himself.

He has completed his training in our prison training program and is stellar on his loose leash walking skills and crate training. Bombay Frankie is highly trained and knows an abundance of commands. He may even wave hello to you when you meet him or grab your water from the fridge!

Bombay Frankie loves to be the center of attention, so he would prefer to be the only animal in the home. If you are looking for a dog that is down for whatever life throws at him, apply to adopt Bombay Frankie today!