Blue Bear

Get to Know Blue Bear

Gender Age Weight Personality Training
Male 3 years 60 lbs. Sweet, affectionate, happy In Training

The first thing you’ll notice about Blue Bear is his gorgeous husky coat and the second thing you will notice are his icy blue eyes. Bottom line, he’s an absolute stunner. He loves a rowdy playgroup with his dog buddies and afterwards would love to sit in a sun ray which seems strange with all that luxurious fur, but we aren’t judging. Blue Bear loves attention (he feels he deserves it) and will happily sing the song of his breed if you let him. He has heard, however, that good manners are a “thing” for humans so he’s eager to head off to our Prison Training Program for which he is eligible for 6 weeks of free training. If you need a big Blue (grey) Bear in your life, adopt Blue Bear today!