Get to Know Alfred

Gender Age Weight Personality Training
Male 8 years 86.5 lbs. Calm, couch potato, sweet In Training

We don’t know exactly what Alfred’s story is, but here’s our best guess: he studied law at UCLA, took the bar and passed on the first try because he’s dang smart and always knew he wanted to be a lawyer because he loves to talk up a storm, so why not use that natural impulse to defend the innocent? After practicing for a few years, he left law behind to travel throughout California and explore its craggy and gorgeous coastline, writing poetry underneath the looming eucalyptus trees of Carmel. He’s got lots of opinions (and poems!) and is more than happy to share them but who doesn’t appreciate that kind of refreshing candor, really?

Alfred is currently in our training program at the Lancaster State Prison and is excited to meet you! Adopt Alfred!

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