Get to Know AJ

Gender Age Weight Personality Training
Male 2 years 40 lbs. Friendly, timid, smart In Training

While most of our dogs have just had training at our facility in Mission Hills, AJ is our valedictorian because he’s already been through our Prison Training Program and knows all his skills! AJ has gotten a lot of love from our guys at Lancaster because he came in pretty scared of the world but now he’s realizing that butt scratches and treats are pretty dang awesome and is busting right out of his shell. He would love a human to continue showing him the ropes while giving him ALL the love and affection possible. He’d love a quiet backyard where he could laze in the sun, and if you work from home AJ is VERY committed to being your reliable coworker and he promises never to spill the hot office gossip. When you adopt AJ you will get a full handoff with one of our trainers to show you that he is a true smartypants! If you feel like your work is missing a furrier, more adorable element, adopt AJ today!