LA Animal Services Mobile Adoption – Adoptable Dogs

Paws For Life has recently joined forces with LA Animal Services (LAAS) to offer an off-site mobile adoption program through the city to help reduce the shelter population in local shelters.

This partnership allows Paws For Life to house a variety of available dogs from LAAS at our new People and Pet Innovation Center where they can work with our trainers and participate in playgroups while awaiting their forever homes.

These dogs are available through the city for adoption, but Paws For Life helps facilitate the meet and greet process and also processes the adoptions.

All dogs are eligible for free training at our People and Pet Innovation Center!

If you are interested in meeting one of these available dogs...

Please reach out via email at to schedule a meet and greet.

*Please note that you do NOT need to complete an adoption application for dogs posted on this page.

Male, 7 years
86 lbs
Dog social, people social, friendly

Female, 11 years
77 lbs
Only dog home, people social, gentle and dainty

Please help support us!

We are asking for your support to continue helping these dogs. By housing these dogs at our People and Pet Innovation Center, we can help get more dogs seen by the public and adopted and keep the shelter numbers low! Any amount helps a little and you will be contributing to a great cause. Let's save lives together!